27th October 2017

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30th September 2017

Lee and Doug - A Scottish PodcastSo I guess it’s about time I gave you an update on how everything’s going, and when you can expect some new episodes.

Season two is still in the writing stages. I’m delighted with how that’s shaping up so far, but there’s still a fair bit of work to be done yet.

I’m not giving any time estimations at the moment, because I’ve still no idea how long it’ll take.

However, there will be some new content in the very near future. We’ve got a handful of pre-season episodes in the works.

These will be longer, but less frequent than the standard season episodes. They’ll explore the finer details of the lives of your favourite characters, from Drunk Helen, to Bill the Dog.

I’m also being hampered by the old and mainly broken computer I use to write, record, and produce the show.

I plan on launching a wee Indiegogo campaign sometime soon in an attempt to fund (or part-fund) a new “machine” (that’s what they call it in the IT world, eh?).

I’m going to make sure the launch of this campaign coincides with the first of the bonus episodes coming out.

I’m also thinking up some decent rewards that we can offer to those who pledge. I floated the idea of a naked calendar to the rest of the cast, but haven’t had any replies yet…

But that’s about it for the time being. So new “bonus” episodes are coming soon, but season two still needs a bit of work.

In the meantime, you can always get in touch about anything at all. ASP-related on otherwise. It’s a lonely world this audio drama production business.

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