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Listening to an Audio Drama Podcast

Have you never listened to a podcast or audio drama before? Then you’ll probably want to know…

  • A Scottish PodcastHow much does it cost? Nothing. Every episode is totally free.
  • How do I subscribe/listen? If you’ve got an iPhone you’ll already have an app in there called ‘Podcasts’, just open it up and type ‘A Scottish Podcast’ into the search box. If you’re on Samsung/Android download either ‘BeyondPod’ or ‘Pocket Casts’ and do the same thing (click the Android button above for more help). Remember to hit subscribe so you’ll get each new episode delivered to your phone automatically.

Best Ways to Listen

This is just me speaking personally, but here’s what works for me (and what doesn’t).

  • Listen through headphones/earbuds.
  • Be doing something. A ‘muscle memory’ task, like washing up, cleaning, tidying, gardening, knitting, cooking, walking, painting, or driving.
  • Don’t just listen sitting at your computer, or scrolling through your phone. You’ll get distracted.
  • Don’t just sit on your couch listening through the stereo, in the same way you’d watch the TV.

Again, that’s just me. You might be the complete opposite, but you’ll find out through trying a few different methods. Try starting with your commute tomorrow.