Ten Narrative Horror Podcasts Guaranteed to Spook You!

A Scottish Podcast, by Matthew McLean, is brilliant in every way imaginable. It is the Scream of horror podcasts: A work made by a lover of the medium who is aware of all the shows that have come before him. As such, he is inspired by their strengths and learns from their weaknesses, while managing to be absolutely fresh, creative and original. I loved the premise and was very glad that the execution is as good as it is.

“A Lovecraftian Trainspotting“, states the show’s webpage. And that’s really the best summary of what audiences will find in the episodes. While they take the horror seriously, the rest of the script is pretty tongue-in-cheek, and manages to balance this contrast successfully throughout its first season. I cannot wait for more.

Random Redhead Ramblings

Imagine if Still Game and Trainspotting gave birth to a podcast, a podcast full of shit tons of fucking bad language (yep including the C word!!), Scottish banter and spooky stuff going down in the streets of my beautiful country.  I present to you A Scottish Podcast!

Now as a fellow Scot, I instantly loved this because the banter from the voice cast is pure dead brilliant (!) and it felt like the main guys Dougie and Lee could be my husband and his pals down the pub.

The only difference being Dougie and Lee do actually leave the pub!

Long story short Lee has started a podcast, The Terror Files and ropes Dougie in to occasionally help. His first podcast involves the discovery of an underground vault in Edinburgh.

Now if you aren’t familiar with Edinburgh it does actually have underground vaults, I know this because I nearly soiled myself when I visited one during the night on a hen (bacherlorette for my over the pond pals) weekend, it was scary shit.

Anyhoo I could visualise where Dougie and Lee where exploring quite easily and this added to my listening experience.  They don’t just go the Edinburgh they also visit a remote isle and look out for things that go bump in the night.

Add to this a cast of gentleman gangsters, football coaches and a very drunk woman and you get a totally addictive podcast.