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Target – $3000

Before I get the begging bowl out, let me just say that A Scottish Podcast will definitely continue to run for a second season, and a third, and beyond.

It’ll always be free too.

This isn’t a campaign where I’m threatening to pull the plug if we don’t hit our target. But I could really use your help.

95% of my work on this show – the writing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and uploading – is done on my 5+ year old computer.

It’s been a faithful servant over the years, but it’s really holding things back now.

Recording and production especially have become a nightmare, and the time certain tasks are taking has more than doubled in the last year.

Even opening a word document to do some writing seems to tax the thing nowadays. I never want to see that little spinning beach ball again. Ever.

So I’ve launched this campaign to try and raise the money needed to buy a decent new computer. It’ll make my life a lot easier, and my process a lot smoother and quicker.

Indiegogo Campaign Link

Tools of the Trade

A Scottish Podcast

Funding, or at least part-funding a new computer is the essential part of this campaign.

But whilst I’m chapping your door and waving a tin in your face, there’s also a couple of extra things I’d like to get, if we can raise enough.

The first is a new sound library that’ll help me create the kind of immersive soundscapes that’ll do justice to the Season Two storyline.

The second is some advanced audio editing software that’ll really speed up the “heavy lifting” parts of my production work.

So I’m looking for $3000 in total, to cover all these things, plus fees.

This isn’t a campaign where we need to hit that target to get the money. Basically, we’ll get what we raise, and that’ll primarily go towards the new computer.

The sound library and the production software are things I believe they call “stretch goals” in crowdfunding circles.

Extra Stretchy

If things go daft and we somehow end up raising $4 or $5k then I’ve got some other ideas floating around too.

In the unlikely event of this happening I’ll be having a look at doing a live show, or even an actual video episode or two.

Indiegogo Campaign Link


But enough about me, what would you get out of this if you were to part with some of your hard earned cash?

Well, besides better quality episodes at a higher release frequency in the future, I’ve set up some reward tiers.

If you pledge, you’ll get the reward from that particular tier, plus all the rewards from the tiers below your own.

They are…


Pledge: $5

Reward: You’ll get an audio download of Matthew & Robert (Doug & Lee) chatting about the background of ASP and answering listener questions.


Pledge: $10

Reward: Submit up to 3 questions to be answered on the Q&A audio download.


Pledge: $10 or over

Reward: You’ll get a link to your own work/website on a “friends of” page on our site.

Elder Thing

Pledge: $50 or over

Reward: You’ll get a short personalised audio greeting from Lee & Doug. Also, an ASP badge and sticker.


Pledge: $100 or over

Reward: You’ll appear in a bonus episode as a Terror Files listener leaving a voicemail for Lee.


Pledge: $500 or over

Reward: You’ll get a Skype call with Matthew to pitch future story ideas, along with executive producer credit throughout season 2.

Indiegogo Campaign Link

Any support, however small, is massively appreciated with this campaign.

And if you’re not in a financial position to donate, then I totally understand. Remember, you can still help out for free by sharing this page, or promoting the show in general!