Crowdfunding Update

This show was created as a little “for fun” side project and hobby.

Over time, we were pleasantly (and genuinely) surprised when it began to grow arms and legs and gain a wee bit of a following out there.

The only reward worth getting from making the podcast has been the knowledge that it has entertained people and made them laugh.

The show is a collaboration between many different people, all who give their time up for free. The show is created for free, and released for free.

With that said, we did take the decision to launch a crowdunding campaign to raise money for new recording and audio hardware and software in late October.

The campaign, though unlikely to hit its $3000 target, was well supported by a core of friends of the show, and to that we are truly grateful.

After much deliberation however, We’ve decided to pull the plug on the crowdfunding campaign before it ends, and everyone who pledged will be refunded in full.

It’s a strange thing, probably some kind of wanky artistic thing actually, but it’s been really difficult to work on writing new episodes since the launch of the campaign.

Having some folks invest actual money in future episodes brings some responsibility and accountability.

Though we want to continue the show long into the future, we need to do so in the conditions that are most favourable to creating new episodes and storylines.

So that means bashing on with doing things the way we’ve been doing them since the start. That’s how it’s going to stay fun, enjoyable, and free from complications.

Yes we could still do with some hardware and software upgrades, but that’ll take care of itself over time.

Thank you to everyone who backed and shared the crowdfunding campaign during the period it was open. It really meant a lot to us.

For now though, it’s time to get back to creating some new ‘pre-season’ episodes, as well as continuing the writing work on season 2.