‘A Scottish Podcast’ is a serialised Modern Audio Drama.

“Modern Audio Drama” is a different way of saying “Radio Drama”, “Radio Play”, “Story Podcast”, “Audio Theatre”, “Fiction Podcast”, or “Drama Podcast”.

Some of these names fit the show better than others. It isn’t on the radio, and I don’t really see it as a “play” or “theatre”. More like a film or TV show without a picture.

I’d like to think the series feels more cinematic than something that’s performed on a stage for a live audience.

Lee and Doug - A Scottish PodcastThe Story

This can get confusing, but the podcast is a story about making a podcast.

It’s about an ex-radio DJ called Lee and struggling musician called Doug (both local ‘Z’ list celebrities in their own right) making a paranormal investigation podcast.

The ‘Prequel’ episode was made as a stand alone story in 2013, and I brought the two characters back together for this new venture, which starts in Edinburgh following the discovery of an ancient vault under the city centre.


In terms of the way it’s made and how it’s told, the two towering Audio Drama influences behind this series are We’re Alive (a zombie story set in LA), and Edict Zero (a futuristic sci-fi crime drama).

In terms of the type of show that’s inspired the podcast in the story, I mention The Black Tapes, The Message, and Limetown on the front page. These are more ‘documentary’ than ‘dramatised’ types of podcast, and exactly what Lee is trying to create with his own show ‘The Terror Files’.

With the story and characters, there’s definitely a massive Irvine Welsh influence in there.

On top of that, being a long time reader of Viz possibly shines through at times with some of the more puerile elements of the story/characters.

In terms of the horror/paranormal side of things there’s a dose of HP Lovecraft and The X-Files in there too.

Though there’s many influences behind the series, it is – I’d like to think – an original story with original characters.

If you’ve not heard it already I’d encourage you to at least give it 3 episodes (that’ll take you about half an hour) before making your mind up if you hate it or not.

How To Listen

If you’ve never listened to a podcast or Audio Drama before, click here. I’ve answered some frequently asked questions and offered some listening tips/advice too.


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Nice Things People Said

“A Scottish Podcast is absolutely brilliant. Sweary as fuck with a comedy horror twist.” Ephemeragrrl

“If you’re not listening to A Scottish Podcast, you’re missing out on the potential of what audio drama can be” Michael Coorlim

“Your writing on this has been excellent, great stuff!”

“Trainspotting 2 ain’t got no monsters like this story does!” Owen McCuen

“A Scottish Podcast is a great example of subverting the ‘daring narrator in supernatural terror’ podcast” Jeremy Carter

“40 minutes with A Scottish Podcast gave me more accent than living in Aberdeen for 1.5 years. You’re showing true Scotland to the outside and I love it.” Ada Piecyk

“Oh man, the sponsorship clip from ‘Grapes of Wrath’ – I’m still laughing. Brilliant podcast guys!!”

“Started listening to A Scottish Podcast. Strong production values &, having been a resident of Edinburgh, enjoying the accents & locations.” Nom de Plume

“Latest episode of A Scottish Podcast was marvellously creepy! Great job!” Michelle

“Paranormal investigation the Scottish way!” Uncanny County

“Very funny, very spooky, very Scottish. Also the characters are great!” Definitely Human

“The story is great so far. Well produced. As one who has trained tens of thousands of people how to podcast, I love that starting a podcast is part of the story.” Cliff Ravenscraft

“Authentically Scottish, like The Black Tapes with swearing, drinking, & football jokes” Remotevoices

“If Trainspotting was a podcast & it had a baby with The Black Tapes, it would be A Scottish Podcast” Alexa

“The sweary Scottish Podcast pulled me right in from the prequel!” Kelly McLaughlin

“Just finished listening to ep 11 of A Scottish Podcast. Best 9 minutes of dialogue I’ve ever heard in an audio drama.” David Fahy

“A Scottish Podcast is fantastic drive time listening. Unless you are driving a school bus… I mean you’d be so fired…” Al Bruno III

“Can’t get enough of A Scottish Podcast. It’s a slow burn at first, but I’m hooked! Great sound work and love the accents too.” Atomic Love

“I think A Scottish Podcast is one of my favourite podcasts at the moment. The most Scottish podcast I’ve ever heard, with its swearing, humour and guides to listening to podcasts :-)” David Ault