Want to be an actor in the show?

We’re always looking to expand our pool of voice talent. There’ll be new roles pop up now and then, from ongoing characters, to one off cameos.

Do I need to be Scottish?

No, not at all. We’re not racist. There will usually be more demand for Scottish accents though, with it being set here and all that.

What about gender/age?

Over 18s only, but aside from that, it’s open to all.

Do I need to have previous acting experience?

No. All that matters is your audition file.

Will I get paid?

Sadly not. We make this for free and give it away for free. There’s no Bruce Mercer type bankrolling the show at this point in time.

I’m local

If you live in Fife, Dundee, or Edinburgh, then that’s ideal. Record yourself reading some dialogue on your phone – about a minute’s worth is fine – and send it to

Title your email “Audition”. Let me know if you need one of our old scripts as a prompt.

I’m not local

There’s still a possibility you can record on your own if you have a decent mic and good recording conditions (free from reverb and background noise).

To audition in this manner, send us a minute or two’s worth of you reading some dialogue, and send it, in WAV form, to

Title your email “Remote Audition”. Again, if you need one of our old scripts as a prompt, just ask!